Pučišća – a source of Brač stone

If you are wondering which place to visit on Brač, we suggest you visit Pučišća. It is located on the north coast of the island, has a mild climate and a great place to relax.
This, along with Supetar, is the largest place on the island and is located at the bottom of a deep bay that separates into two: Pučiški dolac and Stipanska bay. Today it has a population of just over 1,700. Peek with us into the place of beautiful beaches, green nature and source of Brač stone.

Stonemasonry history

Pučišća is known for its rich history but also a long tradition of stonemasonry. Legend has it that the White House in Washington was built of Brač stone harvested from the Pučišća quarry. Many sights are made of Pučišća stone, and Pučišća itself was home to many artists. Today there is a stone museum located in the high school of stonemasonry.

Beaches with crystal clear sea

In addition to the historical sites in Pučišća, you can enjoy beautiful bays, crystal clear sea, Brač specialties and beautiful nature. If you are a sports fan, there are cycling trails, windsurfing, paragliding, sea skiing, diving, etc. nearby. Some of the most famous beaches are St. Rok beach, Pučišća beach, Luka beach and Lučica beach.

What can you visit?

We have singled out several attractions that you can visit:

– Early Christian Church of St. Stephen with the baptistery
– The parish church of St. Jerome built in 1576 in which there is an ancient relief depicting the protector saint of the place
– In the parish church there is the Povaljska listina, the oldest preserved document written in the Croatian language from 1184.
– Church of Lady of Batka built in 1553.
– Pučišća towers; It is interesting that Pučišća is also called “Bay of 13 towers” because of the towers that were built in the Middle Ages for the defense of pirates.
– Church of St. Juraj on Bračuta, next to which there are hermitage houses
Brač quarry
– High school in Pučišća where you can see stone sculptures of school students

During the summer, various concerts, workshops, theater performances and other cultural and educational events are held in Pučišća.