Team building on Island of Brac

Motivate your employees to socialize and have fun outside the work environment, and encourage their creativity through team building activities.

Boutique Camping Bunja offers accommodation in 14 luxury mobile homes or on pitches in the natural shade of pine trees for campers and tents. ur team will organize great outdoor activities for you, from cycling, climbing, hiking, picking olives to explore the gastronomic offer of the island of Brac, while strengthening the team spirit and increasing the satisfaction of its employees.

Among the many different team building activities we are able to organize, choose the ones that best suit your team, number of participants, physical fitness, as well as the season.

Within the whole campsite is a stable and fast Wi-Fi network, which allows guests to work from the camp.

Within the campsite, there is a beach bar and a fast-food restaurant, toilets and a ”Get togehter” room for seminars, meetings, and workshops. There is also a heated freshwater pool, children’s playground, beach massage, bike rental, water sports,…

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