Loyalty card

Loyalty card – appreciation token from us!

We, at the Boutique camping Bunja, appreciate every guest and stay that is ready to experience our unique campground and mobile homes. In that name, our loyalty program was created for you dear guests – to earn each year additional discounts and gifts!

Our loyalty cards are made from Brač stone – something different and something that will stay with you for long time! We have abundance of limestone on the island that is used in many construction and art projects. Many varieties of the stone are dug up and cut into different sections for uses such is our loyalty card!
We wanted to express ourselves and program with suitable limestone therefore your loyalty card is made from stone called „Veselje – Hapiness“!

Who can become loyalty guests?
Loyalty card will receive guests who are returning to our campsite for third or more time.

What will loyalty guest get in the program?
We are happy to offer each year of returning to us as loyal guest an 10% discount in all seasons!

Advantage of these offers can help you save money while relaxing in our tranquil camp Bunja!
*Discounts cannot combine.

Yours truly, Team Bunja!