Special offer up to 20% discount

Camping tourism is the safest one because you don’t need to be in contact with other guests.

Boutique Camping Bunja is a small campsite that can accommodate up to 200 people. A 500-meter-long beach stretches across the campsite where guests can enjoy the peace and the crystal-clear sea.

You can set up camp on superbly equipped and spacious pitches in the natural shadow of pine trees. If you prefer mobile homes, pick the latest innovative designs, fully equipped, so that you feel right at home.

Enjoy the great outdoors with our special offer: up to 20% discount.
The cancellation policy is free of charge 3 days before the arrival date, valid for the whole summer.
A limited number of rooms available per this great offer, hurry up!
This great offer is available for reservations made till 13.06., travel time 10.06.- 23.10.2020.
Email: info@campingbunja.com