Brač – the island with the most bike trails

Are you a fan of adventure and cycling? Then the island of Brač is the right destination for you. The long-term efforts of the islanders have paid off, because today Brač has 25 well-maintained bike trails that together make 1026 kilometers.

The longest trail, the trail of St. Juraj has 181.20 kilometers. It starts in the town of Supetar and extends across the entire island. This is also the most demanding trail, and if you manage to complete it, all you need to do is bring a certificate to the Supetar Tourist Board and you will receive a diploma!

The route, which lasts 5 and a half hours and is 109 km long, will give you one of the most beautiful views from the highest point of the island – Vidova gora. The Medulla trail starts from the small town of Milna and ascends and ends on Vidova gora. The ascent is followed by a descent to Bol, and it goes through several smaller villages

The Tramuntana trail is one of the special trails. It is a historical-themed trail that takes you from the center of Sutivan to the hill of St. Roch. Along the way you will meet the family house of the famous Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor, and at the end of this trail you will be amazed by the view from the Srmčje plateau.

If you are a family with children, we recommend the path of St. Rok which is less demanding and will give you a beautiful view of the sea and nature. The trail starts in the center of Supetar and ends in Sutivan

List of names and mileage of all bike trail

The trails bear the names of saints, so you can set out to explore our island along the trail St. Josip (length 45 km), St. Jelena (length 29.54 km), St. Jere (length 55.18 km), St. Petar (length 49.16 km) St. Lovre (length 27.59 km), St. Rok (length 14.72 km).
There are also trails with names such as Sunce (36.71 km), Pinija (90.43 km), Srce Brača (53.46 km), Vrh Brača (16.98 km), Via Brachia (36,71 km), Medulla (109.22 km), Sage (54.99 km), Maestral (9.19 km), Fortress and Lantern (10.44 km), Profunda (32.12 km), Tramuntana (16.59 km), Cricket (16.82 km), Macica and Vivera (19.74 km
You can also decide to take the trail Plavac mali (44.05 km), Ruzmarin (19.80 km), Panorama Povlja (17.51 km), Česmina (24.04 km) or Levanat (10.54 km).
The path that connects Brač is entirely called the patron saint of the island of St. Juraj (181.20 km).

All additional information as well as trail maps can be found at the link:

We have prepared for you a number of activities that you can see on the link and book at the reception.

If you decide on any trail, we remind you that each trail is demanding in its own way and we ask you to have the appropriate equipment!