Land excursions

Discover the island and its sights on organized tours with guides.


Easy downhill from the highest peak of all Adriatic islands to the sea. 80% downhill scenic route, no single-track. We will start our mountain biking excursion by van transfer to the highest peak of all Adriatic islands – Vidova gora (778 m).

Upon arrival to the belvedere, the highest point of all Adriatic islands you will have the opportunity to enjoy a breathless view of mid Dalmatian islands. We will take some short time to take photos of this unforgettable view before we start our biking.

We will first take easy downhill through thick black pine woods to the town of Nerežišće. This will be our first sightseeing stop and short break. We continue further to Donji Humac, world know town for its stone quarries, stone masons and artist. Arrival to Humac would not be complete without a stone work gallery visit, where you will learn about the process of creating stone art.

From Humac we continue through stone quarries and olive fields back to charming Sutivan port where we end our island bike adventure.

Excursion info:

➔ Length or track: cca 26 Km
➔ Level of difficulty: moderate, confidence on bike necessary
➔ Duration: 3,5 hours

Prepare: sport clothing, closed toe sport shoes, water. Note: it is at your guides descrepancy to decide whether you are well equiped for the tour. Reamember that closed toe sports shoes are a must.

Price includes: Guide, equipment (mountain bike, helmet, gloves) transfer by van to Vidova Gora and back from Sutivan.

Price per person: 95,00 EUR



If you have no experience don’t worry, you will start climbing easiest routes with our experienced instructor guiding you. If you are experienced climber use our guide to take you to some of the best island locations and routes.

Spend a day rock climbing on spectacular Brač locations. This climbing day is a great introduction into the world of rock climbing. No previous experience is necessary.

We will take a short transfer to Ložišće climbing area. If you have no previous experience don’t worry, you will start climbing easiest routes with our experienced instructor watching over your safety. If you have some experience, Ložišće area is the best location to put your skill to the test before you head to more difficult sectors and routes.

Your instructor will have an easy task to find suitable routes for you as this area has plenty to offer regardless of your ability.
Since many sectors have routes of various difficulty lined up close to each other this location is great for groups and families that have beginners and experienced climbers who wish to climb at the same time.

In Ložišće climbing area you will not only enjoy great rock climbing but also breathless views of hills, blue sea, nearby islands, and authentic stone architecture of surrounding villages.

After fun day of climbing we will return by van.

Excursion info:

➔ Routes: easy to moderate
➔ Level of difficulty: no experience needed
➔ Duration: 2,5 hours

Prepare: comfortable clothes, closed toe shoes, water

Price includes: Guide, all necessary equipment for climbing, transfer by van to and from Ložišća (for guests from Supetar, Mirca, Bobovišća, Ložišća, Supetar ferry port. Other locations on request.)

Price per person: 60,00 EUR


E BIKE cycling tour (old villages)

Join us on an exciting electric bike tour as we take you on a remarkable journey from Nerežišća to Sutivan, exploring the hidden gems and scenic landscapes of the island. This tour combines the thrill of electric biking with cultural discoveries and breathtaking sights.

Here’s a description of the tour:

We begin our adventure in the charming village of Nerežišća, where you’ll be introduced to your comfortable electric bike. With a gentle pedal assist, you’ll effortlessly bike through the picturesque countryside, soaking in the beauty of the surroundings.

Our first stop is Humac, a fascinating village known for its stone houses and rural charm. Here, we’ll visit the renowned Jakšić gallery, showcasing an array of artworks and local craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art and appreciate the creativity of the most renown artist of the area.

Continuing our journey, we’ll pedal towards Dračevića, a village often described as the Mediterranean as it once was. As we navigate the winding roads, you’ll be enchanted by the serene atmosphere and the beauty of nature.

Next, we’ll make our way to Ložišča, a quaint village famous for its bell tower. Admire the stunning architecture and enjoy panoramic vistas from this elevated point. Take a moment to capture some memorable photos and appreciate the peacefulness that surrounds you.

Our route then leads us to Bobovišča bay, a hidden gem with crystal-clear waters and a charming harbor. Take a break, dip your toes in the inviting sea, while enjoying the coastal ambiance.

As we reach the final leg of our journey, we’ll conclude in the coastal town of Sutivan. This picturesque town offers a delightful blend of historical charm and a laid-back atmosphere. Take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, explore the narrow streets, and immerse yourself in the local culture before bidding farewell to our electric biking adventure.

Excursion info:

➔ Length or track: cca 20 Km
➔ Level of difficulty: easy, confidence on bike necessary
➔ Duration: 3,5 hours + lunch time

Prepare: sport clothing, closed toe sport shoes
Price includes: Guide, equipment (E mountain bike, helmet, gloves), entry fees

Price per person: 95,00 EUR



If there are three things that define Brač, its culture, history and life those are certainly stone, olives and wine. From ancient times these three things shaped the way of life and created beauty from harsh and scarce environment offering nothing but hard work and struggle to make a living.

This tour is inspired by the essence of Brač. We follow the story of olives and stone from the island’s rich history to this day. We will taste delicious olive oil in olive oil museum and you will have an opportunity to learn about traditional olive oil production, new techniques and
differences in the taste and quality. We will have local traditional meal called ‘marenda’ offering various snacks and foods based on olive oil and olives, all accompanied by some local wine, of course.

Tour of the island would not be complete without a visit one of the most prominent stone galleries in the country. Stone sculptures, architectural elements and other pieces are sure to amaze you with their beauty, but also with craftsmanship and skill that is needed to create art
from solid stone.

We end by enjoying local cake “hrapoćuša” accompanied by traditional desert wine in charming town of Dol.

Excursion info:

➔ Duration: 4-5 hrs
➔ Prepare: we take care of everything
➔ Excursion info: guided tour by van